A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, something to be proud of! When renovating, it is important that your chosen style
has a lasting effect and won’t fade out in the next couple of years. Read on for tips on choosing the right bathroomware to how to plan your bathroom renovation.


Bathroom renovations in Australia are often heavily influenced by what’s happening in Europe. One of the hottest trends is making
a bathroom more of a living area rather than ‘a place needing constant cleaning’. This means dividing the bathroom into two elements:

-          Practical Element (toilet & basins)

-          Luxury Element (bath, shower, and other bathroom-ware)

Current Trends

Organic shapes and styles

Asymmetrical and flowing are a growing trend in bathroom-ware. This gives the bathroom a sensual feel and natural effect.

Is your bathroom aimed to a specific period?
Are you unsure if modern products will look right in your bathroom?

There is now bathroomware available that will cater to the traditional look whilst having that modern twist. This is often
dubbed the modern heritage style bathroom.


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Function is another important factor to consider when creating the hottest bathroom. Toilets are mounted flush to the wall
(often hiding the cistern inside the wall so you only see the button). This makes this stylish, spacious and easy to clean.
Chrome mixer taps are often a first choice as they are good looking, practical and long lasting.

Colour Trends

The use of white is becoming out of date as colour has come into play in more recent times. Colour (bold colours in particular)
is being applied to bathroomware such as the inside of vanity drawers and cabinets, the detailing on vanities, and even on the walls.
Bold colours such as green, orange and even black are a popular choice. White Tiles aren’t used as much anymore either.

A Bathroom = A Fashion Statement

The biggest changes in bathroom renovation are the installation of twin wash basins, dual shower heads and frameless showers.
Creating views from the bath tub is also common in renovation too as it is becoming more of a selling point in home buying! Of the
400,000 bathrooms that were re-modelled in Australia in the last year there was evidence that a common household bathroom was
becoming more of a fashion statement rather than ‘the wet area’.

You will find that a modern bathroom will consist of either a larger freestanding bath, and mosaic wall tiling the most highly desired for bathroom
walls. Most consumers are after quality. Chrome and white china are a popular pick over cheap materials.